Sunday, April 11, 2010

IWTMT: Medallion Travel Bag

Ah, yes, as usual I'm slipping in under the wire today. In my defense, today I went hiking and knitted. I haven't knitted in over a week, so that's been good. (And let's just say I'm knocking another IWTMT out!)

You may remember that I worked at my LYS for a while. The store had just opened, and so we had plenty of work to do organizing things like the pattern binders. I've seen a lot of awesome patterns and some patterns I couldn't believe existed. (Flip-flop thong covers. In Fun Fur. No joke.) One of my favorite binders to go through was the Noni felting binder.

(The last time I tried to felt something, by the way, was college. In the bathroom sink. It didn't end well, and I'm too terrified to use the laundromat for this purpose in case I mess up their machine. I imagine myself being thrown out on my ear, though I think it's more likely they'd call the cops or something.)

Since I'm moving, and I'll have my own washer and dryer, I'm finding a new love for felted patterns. There was one Noni pattern I adored, and I wish I'd bought it. I'll find a way to get it, though. You'll see.

This week's IWTMT is #121 Medallion Travel Bag (Rav link). To see it on the website, click on products, products again, then click on (mostly) bag patterns and scroll down. Actually, why don't you just look at all the patterns? I won't tell. Call your local store to see if this pattern is available, because it's so worth it. I'm a sucker for huge bags, and this one doesn't disappoint. To see a completed bag in the wild, please check out Passing Down Crazy.

How long until I move in?

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