Sunday, April 25, 2010

IWTMT: Mitered Square Blanket

I'm on a Mason-Dixon kick these days, it seems. Since we've started packing, I've had to choose which books get boxed up and which books get to stay out until the last minute, and the first Mason-Dixon book is currently hanging out on my nightstand. With the move creeping closer, I'm having all these homey thoughts about dishcloths and blankets. Blankets I can even leave out for public viewing, unlike the Crapghan.

Fun fact: I've never made a mitered square. And wouldja look at that, there's a whole blanket full of 'em. While the pattern for the Mitered Square Blanket (Rav link) isn't available outside of the book, well ... it's a mitered square. I don't think that's been patented. (Or should that be copywritten? Copywrited? Protected legally!)

I have a distaste for finishing, but I have lovely visions of a navy-and-white version in my beach house. So nautical! Oh, I don't have a beach house? Can I have this one?

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